Saturday, June 18, 2005

It's hurricane season again! I think this was Jeanne from 2004. Pretty awesome looking, huh?!

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moon said...

Last year Florida got hit by Charley, Frances, Ivan and Jeanne. Two of them were predicted to make landfall at Tampa Bay, but we here in the Bay area dodged four bullets. Many others weren't as fortunate around the Sunshine State. This season has started off slowly. We got lots of rain and cooler temps from Arlene, but the recent disturbance in the Caribbean amounted to nothing. Hang on to your britches's the 2005 Hurricane season in Paradise!

Anonymous said...

I was chased by Frances, Ivan and Jeanne!!! I spent 2 weeks on a cruise ship during that time. Itinerary got changed to avoid it... Funny thing is we got hit with may 15 minutes of rain in Cozumel and 15 in San Juan (had to leave early as Jeanne was coming by the next day) during that time.. All other times.. SUNNY AND HOT! Cudos to the CAptain for steering is around those big gusts of wind.
~Guess Who moonius!