Tuesday, June 21, 2005

So...how good is your penmanship?

Seems I have gone through stages of penmanship... some good, some bad. When I first learn cursive writing, we used long colorful quill pens, the ones you actually dipped in ink! They were called "Quill" pens, however in the 60's the handle was plastic, not a feather. At the beginning I was meticulous about my penmanship, which was actually graded like any other subject. As I grew older and hastier, my penmanship worsened. So much so, that in the 5th grade I received an "F" in handwriting one semester! Well... my mother made me practice cursive writing every night after my homework was done. By sheer determintaion (and desperation), I aced the course at the end of the next semester! Today, my penmanship can be impressive, if I desire. There are those times that call for grace and flair in your signature. But many times I write in such haste, that it takes a linguist trained in hieroglyphics to determine what I scribbled on the page! Write On!!?


Sunshine2801 said...

Ok, here goes. I remember back to the day I started cursive writing. The teachers would teach one way and I couldn't figure out how they would get the letters to look so perfect so I started doing it my own way. When I take my time all of the letters are block like shaped and some would say that it's difficult to read. I recall writing a report in high school and the teacher handing it back and asking me to print it over because she couldn't read it. Some will say that my writing is unique and others say that they can't read it. I've tried over the years to change the way I write but it hasn't happened yet!

Skipping Heart said...

From your handwriting alone, a graphologist can tell if you are:-
genuine or insincere
happy or depressed
friendly or hostile

An analysis of your handwriting can also reveal if you are experiencing:-
Nervousness, shyness, aggression, tension, generosity, cruelty etc.

Your handwriting reveals far more than you can imagine! (that's scary if you have a few things to hide...lol)

ImaCrzyMonkeyLuvr said...

Well when I was younger my handwriting was bad but still okay. But then one day when I was in the third grade I wanted to know how to write half and half, half cursive and half print. Well back in that day bout 8 yrs ago I didn't do that too well. Now here it is 8 yrs later and I can do it perfectly. It's really cool. So I write half cursive and half print! And that is just "One" word in a sentence!!

bedaffled said...

Moon, I didn't realize you were so old that you wrote with a quill pen. Ha ha. I never made great strides in penmanship, but now I specialize in it working where I do! A Quill Pen huh? Hummmm! Old as Dirt! LOL...