Friday, June 24, 2005

What makes you smile? Posted by Hello


moon said...

Go ahead...write the first thing that comes to mind. you know what makes you smile. you may be smilin' right now...if so maybe I made you smile! mine turned into a top 10 list.

1. others
2. children
3. jazz
4. sports
5. radio
6. humor
7. cars
8. Opus X
9. entertainment
10. last but most certainly not least...gazing into your lover's eyes

Baby Blues Belle said...

So many, many things make me that particularly comes to mind is a phone call from a friend. Hummmmm...

hit-n-run said...

food and sex...not necessarily in that order and not necessarily used together...but you know what I mean.

snowhitetan said...

"a day with clouds is like a day without sunshine."

Sunshine2801 said...

One thing comes to mind that makes me smile is when I make others smile. Add to that, my children. Also having a glass of sangria, hearing the words I love you from the special man in my life and listening to Dave Koz.

olive said...

God's light show.... I really enjoy a good thunder & lightening show. Never, of course, too willing to walk in one - but just to listen to the amazing things that happen when lightening happens :o) olive

Skipping Heart said...

*** Counting my blessings (even
the simplest and smallest of
them) is something that always
causes me to smile.
*** A warm embrace and kiss from a loved one
*** A kind word
*** Music
*** Small acts of kindness

Anonymous said...

Thinking that maybe one day I will be able to walk into the heart of the man I love again.. but may never ever happen. Remembering chocolate scented cigars, and being bedaffled. Hoping the smiles are still there, the laugh is still loud and the heart still remembers. But the eyes always gave away the most prized position. Remembering what a hand felt like... what my heart remembers and the oh so quiet whispers....these things make me smile today.

Anonymous said...

Writing names in the sands of the ocean. Sharing intimate conversations. Road trips. A spoken name. Carnations! Weekend cruises and special birthday weekends. A lost and found heart. A massage that spoils you like no other...