Friday, August 19, 2005

Funky Five Friday

Name your Top Five Favorite "Ffunk" songs from the 70's. Since we had the 60's last time, I thought we would dance around the 70's today! Here's my know, I can never seem to stop at five. (Pic: Modern Funkateer and NBA Star Wayman Tisdale)
  1. Ffun-ConFunkShun
  2. Flashlight-Parliament
  3. Skin Tight-Ohio Players
  4. You and I-Rick James
  5. I Like Girls-Fatback Band
  6. More Bounce to the Ounce-Zapp
  7. Stretchin'Out-Bootsy's Rubber Band
  8. Shake Your Rump to the Funk-BarKays
  9. One Nation Under A Groove-Funkadelic
  10. If It Don't Turn You On (you oughta leave it alone)-BT Express


*Skipping Heart* said...

Commodores - Brick House
James Brown - Sex Machine
Give It To Me Baby - Rick James
Hollywood Swinging - Kool & The Gang

DocB said...

All of Earth Wind and Fire! Every last one of their songs. Reasons, Written in the Stone,etc. Tear the Roof off/We want the Funk, Betcha by Golly Wow, Fire, Ohio Players, Flashlight, Parlament Funkadelic, Lasting forever now 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30 Years of Love arent we happy whew hew?

Skipping Heart said...

I love earth wind and fire. Amazing that after so many years they still are top performers and their concerts are still so energized and exciting.

moon said...

I saw Earth, Wind and Fire with Chicago last summer in Tampa. One of the hottest tours ever! Both bands played together on EWF's "After the Love is Gone" which was written (and sung that night) by Bill Champlin of Chicago and Phillip Bailey.

skipping heart, would you please have your secretary blog one more Ffunky song for your Ffunky Ffive? thank you very, very much!

where all the funky people at?

Skipping Heart said...

My secretary is complaining that she is overworked and underpaid but will nonetheless help me out...

Superfly - Curtis Mayfield
Keep on Truckin' - Eddie Kendricks
Flash Light - Parliament
Give It to Me Baby - Rick James
Jungle Boogie - Kool & The Gang
For the Love of Money - The O'Jays
Get the Funk Out Ma Face - The Brothers Johnson

.....she couldn't stop at just 1