Monday, November 24, 2008

Sedulous Sunday

Yesterday I wasn't feeling well but was scheduled to preach at the Lutheran church in Liberal, so I fulfilled my obligation. We were done so early that I attended the service at my home church afterwards. A group of folks invited us to lunch at Pizza Hut, so we went with them.

I should have ordered the regular chicken wings but I ordered the boneless wings and was shocked when the brought out the order. They looked like big chicken nuggets with lots of breading. So I picked off as much breading as possible and just ate the meat (there wasn't much meat left after taking off all the breading)!

Then we traveled to Dodge City to see Christian comedian Ken Davis. This was sponsored by our radio station so I needed to attend. He was so funny that I was cracking up and that would make me start coughing. I spent two hours laughing, coughing, crying and snotting and went through two handkerchiefs!

I really overdid it yesterday and today I was so tired. I went to work for just four hours, recorded my two shows and cleaned off my desk and now I'm back home. My lungs hurt from so much talking but I am getting better. I'm taking Baxin, Mucinex, Echinacea/Golden Seal and all my vitamins. At least I can rest my voice for the remainder of the day!

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