Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Christmas Enchantment

Yesterday I left work at 11:00 picked up A’Lisa and we headed to Plains to work on the house. Our pastor came by about Noon and we had already started painting. With his help we were able to knockout a couple of rooms. We really appreciate his help. “Many hands make light work.” We cleaned up the mess, drove back to Meade, ate burgers and salad for dinner and settled down to rest.

I asked A'Lisa to call the Enns family who let me use their car last week while she was in Boise and please express our thanks. Well she did just that and before she hung up, Mrs. Enns said, “You’re coming to the Christmas program tonight aren’t you?” To which A'Lisa replied “Sure! What time is it?”… “7:30…OK…we’ll be there!”

At that point she reminded me of our commitment. Mrs. Enns daughter Eva is A'Lisa's best friend and she asked us to attend her daughter’s Christmas program. She is a single mom and we love to help her and her girls in any way we can. So we honored our promise, bundled up in the 10 degree cold and drove to the school. So many people were there we had to park quite a distance away and that little walk was brutal in the below freezing temperatures!

Eva had saved me a seat on the front row so that I could video her girls. I sat next to her nieces and encouraged them before they sang. I must admit, I would rather have been at home lounging in my recliner but the Christmas program was absolutely wonderful. Our children are all grown and it’s probably been 15 years since I attended anything like that. I couldn’t help but smile as the kindergarten through sixth grade presented their music, songs and the play for us. They were so cute and charming! Some of them dressed in their Sunday best. Others were dressed in costume for the play. I noticed that some of the kids knew every word and motion, while others just lip-synced and tried their best to keep up. There were those who looked nervous and others looked so confident they could be rock stars. I enjoyed myself immensely at this enchanting performance and was glad to honor our commitment to Eva and the girls!

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