Monday, April 06, 2009

Weekend to Remember

Several weeks ago we enjoyed beautiful vibrant sunrises as we would drive from Plains to Meade each morning. Then came daylight savings time and we were driving to work in the dark. the season progresses we're once again seeing spectacular sunrises as we drive in to work. I guess has something to do with the earth's rotation but now we see the sunrise on the North side of the road rather than the South side. Nonetheless it's a beautiful sight to behold and my mind recalls the verse that says..."The heavens declare the glory of God."

This weekend we attended the Family Life "Weekend to Remember" marriage conference at the beautiful Wichita Hyatt hotel. Through the generosity of our radio station we attended this conference free of charge. We listened to some insightful speakers and participated in projects designed to develop and strengthen communication. We learned much about each other and now comes the hard part...application! Learning truth is wonderful but it's only through application that transformation comes...that is the goal. We had a wonderful date Saturday night at the Mediterranean Grill. It was undoubtedly the best Middle Eastern food we've ever eaten!

We planned on returning from Wichita Sunday afternoon but our worship leader just had surgery, so we agreed to cut our trip short and return in time to lead worship. We got a 4:30 wake up call from the front desk and after a hot shower and some weak coffee we hit the road. Upon leaving Wichita we encountered rain and as we drove further West the rain changed to snow and ice accompanied by 50 mph winds. Every now and then I would release my death grip on the steering wheel just to get some blood circulating in my hands again. Ironically when we finally returned to Meade County we had sunshine (albeit with 50 mph winds). We arrived home about 8:15 and got to church at 8:35 just in time for worship team rehearsal. I was very tired and wired from such a hectic morning. Many of the teens were tired too from staying up all night after the prom. But by the grace of God we had a wonderful service (including the worship music).


Jack Hager said...

Ah, the joys of travel is weather that is not ideal! Subscribed to your blog now that I've found it. Hopefully our paths will cross one of these days this side of glory!

Mike said...

I had a similar experience driving home from Albuquerque to Roswell on my honeymoon! White knuckle ride with the defrost on full to keep the windshield clear. Hot inside the car, blizzardo out :-)

For me it was a great adventure. For my new wife, not so much!

Glad you had such a good time and made it through the storm.

moon said...

Thanks for stopping by Jack and Mike! I really appreciate both of you guys!