Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Finishing Well

I’m often amazed at the ministry opportunities that God has granted me. My freshman year in college, I got the radio bug when I was given a show on the campus radio station. After a short stint in commercial radio and a plethora of other totally unrelated jobs, I got my first job in Christian radio, Chattanooga rocker WMOC. I was green and it was fun, getting to do what I loved, serve the Lord and even get paid. Two years later, I stepped out on faith and accepted a part time job at the Moody station across town, WMBW. Within a few months, part time developed into full time and I became the morning man heard all over the Southeast. Five years later, God opened a door to work with Family Life Network in New York as Operations Manager. I doubled as morning co-host with Jim Travis who is still my best friend today. After three record breaking, bone-chilling winters, we decided to move back South and I went to work with His Radio Network in Greenville, SC. Our family was content to stay in South Carolina and I had even thought about starting a church there, but God had other plans.

January 1996, I received a call from Precept Ministries International, asking if I would like to join their staff. I was quite content but agreed to meet with them in Atlanta. My desire at that stage of life was to learn inductive bible study and PMI was the leading proponent in the world. That is what piqued my interest to accept their offer. I spent 8 years with PMI, managing the radio department and teaching inductive Bible studies but began to miss being on the air daily. Moody had never lost interest in me and they offered me a chance to do the morning show in the Tampa market. Florida was fun, I loved the gulf, the sun and the beach but after a few years I was recruited by Family Life Radio to move to Tucson and do a network show. This probably wasn’t the best career move for me because two years later I resigned from Christian radio altogether and went to work for Westwood One in their Phoenix newsroom.

Working in that secular environment was difficult and I began praying persistently for a return to ministry. After 15 months of working in that pagan, cynical, sarcastic environment I was desperate. I told God that I would do anything, go anywhere to get back into ministry. I would have even taken a job as a church janitor! God has a sense of humor, because He sent me and my wife from Phoenix to Meade, KS to work with Great Plains Christian Radio (KJIL). God gave me a new perspective for Christian radio ministry, so whenever I opened the microphone, I focused on sharing the Word rather than entertaining. Now you have to understand, Meade is about a mile away from the middle of nowhere, so when given the opportunity to transfer to their sister station in Abilene, KS, I jumped at the chance. Since 2010, I served as the Operation Manager and afternoon drive announcer at KJIL. Through pulpit supply I learned about a couple of local churches in need of a pastor. I became a candidate at both of them. In October 2011, I was offered the position of pastor at Zion Brethren in Christ Church in Abilene, KS. So after 30 years ministering in Christian radio, I am now a full time pastor. My wife A’Lisa was hired as my Administrative Assistant. This is an answer to a year’s worth of prayers. I knew God had something more in store for us in ministry, I just didn’t know what that “more” was. Looking back in hindsight, I can see how God orchestrated everything to bring us to this point. We are glad for the challenge ahead because we know that God is able. We praise God for our new church home and family.


S.L. Gabriel said...

Pretty cool how God has lead you along his ways. God bless. :)

TimothyAreYouDown4JesusMorris said...

praise god, to god be the glory. awsome story, may god continue to bless you in your ministry.god bless