Friday, December 30, 2011

New Resolve

Since the Lord has given me a new leadership position, I plan to put into practice this list of ministry resolutions I got from Ron Edmondson.

The best leadership, in my opinion, comes out of the resolve a leader has made in his or her heart. The resolve of a leader is the pre-determined approach a leader will take when carrying out his or her leadership. These are personal convictions that shape the way a leader leads, responds to others, and the choices a leader makes.
Most often, these resolutions are made even prior to being in a leadership position. The resolve of a leader is powerful. In fact, if a leader wants to improve his or her leadership, he or she must often improve first their personal resolve.

So do you want to improve your leadership?

Here are 10 resolutions guaranteed to improve your ministry leadership:

  • I resolve to never compromise my character in my search for progress. 
  • I resolve to consistently be walking by faith.
  • I resolve to pray earnestly before I make major decisions.
  • I resolve to surround myself with wise and moral influencers.
  • I resolve to protect my family time while working in ministry.
  • I resolve to make my personal health a priority.
  • I resolve to allow trials and turmoil to draw me closer to Christ and shape my character for good.
  • I resolve to love the unlovable.
  • I resolve to pray for my enemies, extend grace liberally, and never hold a grudge.
  • I resolve to allow at least a few people access to know and speak into the deepest and most private parts of my life.
What are your resolves that shape your ministry leadership?
Which of these resolves do you need to make at this point in your ministry leadership?

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