Monday, June 09, 2008

From the desert to the heartland

Well, me and my body building buddy spent all day Tuesday (05/27) loading the truck in Phoenix. That was exhausting enough, but the next day we spent 7 hours driving to Albuquerque. A'Lisa drove the car with the dog and I drove the rental truck. We spent the night there and finished the second half of the drive Thursday (05/29). We had worked so hard loading the truck that my arms and hands kept cramping up along the way, so I was massaging my arms while I drove, dreading the inevitable unloading upon reaching our destination.

When we arrived there was a welcoming committee of about 40 people to help us unload!! (Most of these people were from one of the area churches.) God knew that I was not looking forward to unloading and tremendously provided for us. Amazingly they had the truck unloaded in about 90 minutes!! I hardly had to do anything! On top of all that we were given a $50 Pizza Hut gift card and a $150 gift certificate to the local supermarket. We are still in awe of how God provided for us!

They got me started quickly on the radio stations. After just watching on Monday (06/02), they put me on the air Tuesday (06/03) with minimal supervision. The remainder of the week I was on my own and felt pretty good. I'm still getting used to things but God has been gracious to enable me to jump right back into it. People around town have been encouraging and let me know how much they like what they're hearing from me. I count it a privilege to minister through Christian radio again!

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Pennie said...


So glad that you are back doing what you love most. I too, just recently moved around the same time. Am living back in my home town in Oklahoma, working at the hospital where I worked 12 years ago.
Take care and glad that you have found happiness.