Friday, November 28, 2008

Thanksgiving Day!

Thanksgiving Day has come and gone. I ate much more than usual but managed to keep my carbs down. I just had a small breakfast of 1 egg, bacon and cheese. About noon I made a meat and cheese tray with celery and pickles. My wife and I snacked on that and sampled the cheese ball she made. I made some stuffed jalapenos to take to our friends house and A'Lisa made green beans with almonds, sugar free cranberry/orange relish, cheese ball, cheesecake, pumpkin bake and real whipped topping.

At our friends house we had the stuffed jalapenos and cheese ball with celery for appetizers with a small glass or two of white zinfandel. About an hour later we had dinner and I avoided all the high carb/sugar laden stuff. I simply had dark meat turkey, cranberry relish and green beans. For dessert I had cheesecake and pumpkin bake with whipped topping.

I was pretty stuffed after dinner and then we played this game called "Apples to Apples." It was lots of fun. Usually I don't eat after 6 pm, but when I came home I ate a few more jalapenos and had another small slice of cheesecake. Now back to my normal routine!

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