Monday, November 10, 2008

Preaching at Bethel Friends Church 10/20/08

One of our board members invited me to preach at his church in Hugoton, KS yesterday. For some reason my stomach didn't feel too good in the morning, so I just had a protein drink for breakfast, but that made me feel even worse. Fortunately when it came time for the sermon I felt better and everything went well. After church his wife invited us to their house for dinner and I mentioned that I eat low carb. She explained that she had cooked a high carb meal and should have asked me first if I had dietary restrictions. (I never know what to expect when people invite us to eat after church!)

So we went to dinner at their house and they served chicken tetrazzini (which didn't have very much chicken in it), salad, rolls, tapioca pudding and sugar cookies for dessert. If I would have eaten that meal I would have been in a carb coma afterwards!! Once again she apologized and I prepared myself to just eat salad. I asked if she had any protein and she did have some deli ham, grated cheese and some pecans. So I managed to make a decent salad with ranch dressing.

I was grateful but not satiated and started to get a headache on the 90 minute trip home. We finally got home and I couldn't wait to eat something substantial. Before leaving for church I had baked a whole chicken, so I warmed up some of that and ate a chicken breast and the wings and about a cup of cooked cabbage. At the end of the day I had remained within my protein limit of 105 grams and had a total of 25 grams of carbs. In the future I think I'll keep some jerky or nuts with me, so that no matter the situation I'll be prepared to give my body what it needs!

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