Monday, November 10, 2008

Preaching in Ness City 8/11/08

I had a great weekend. Probably ate a few more than 20 carbs each day (too much cheese) but I'm back on track today. My wife keeps saying I'm shrinking but I don't have my scales yet to know whether I have lost any weight. When I got dressed for church yesterday I could tighten my belt three more notches. Obviously I'm losing inches. I feel much better these days and I don't have those bags under my eyes any longer!

We have had kind of a lo carb breakthrough in my household! I was invited to preach in Ness City, KS yesterday. It's about a two hour drive each way, so we had plenty of time to talk. While driving to church my wife said she is going to stop eating bread and sugar! This is a major turnaround! However, she is still reluctant to embrace my food plan. (Yet when we ordered food at the restaurant yesterday she told the waitress, "We're doing Atkins.") I'm just happy that we're making progress. That's an answer to prayer. She still labors under the assumption that fat makes you fat, even though she can see the evidence to the contrary in me. This is a time of growth (not physically) and learning for both of us!

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