Monday, November 10, 2008

The Walk to Emmaus 10/27/08

I had a great weekend. I was a time of renewal, got a fresh perspective, made a lot of new friends, and ate a lot of food. I was surrounded by high carb foods the whole weekend but didn't succumb. They fed us three meals a day (sometimes 4) with dessert and constantly had high carb sugary treats available between meals. The only treats I had were 2 diet sodas, a sugar free lemon bar and 3 pieces of sugar free candy. However I did eat much more protein than what I've been consuming recently. The meals were self serve cafeteria style and it seems my eyes are still bigger than my stomach. I haven't stepped on the scales since I got home, kinda afraid of what I might see.

It was soooo good to get home and see my lovely wife (after four days with 60 men) and it was wonderful to sleep in my own bed. This morning I was very tired and wished I could stay home, but I'm back to work and my normal food routines. Hopefully I can quickly take off any excess weight I put on this weekend. (I wish it came off as quickly as it goes on!)

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