Monday, November 10, 2008

Trip to Branson, MO 10/14/08

After a week of intermittent fasting we treated ourselves to a nice weekend in Branson, MO. Trees are just beginning to turn into their fall colors. The rolling hills and lakes were just beautiful. What a feast for the eyes and a welcome change from the plains of Kansas. A'Lisa obviously needed the break more than I did, it took her a while to de-stress. The weather was perfect, sunny and warm, about 80 degrees each day. I thought it would be cold but we actually laid out by the pool, soaking up some rays.

We prepared some meals at our resort and only ate out a few times. Overall I stuck to low carb foods, but I did eat some things that I normally wouldn't eat like frozen yogurt and sugar free cookies for dessert. We also celebrated the weekend with some Shiraz and Cabernet Savignon. That's the first time I've had any wine since going low carb three months ago.

Yesterday I fasted until I came home from work because I felt so bloated from the weekend. Today I feel like my body is getting back to normal. It's amazing how a few extra carbs can make a huge difference in the way you feel!


Anonymous said...

Which one of the Branson hotels/resorts did you stay at? I'm looking for a nice place to stay and relax!

moon said...

Devona we stayed at The Falls Village Resort. We own a time share there but I'm sure you could rent a suite. Just give them a call or e-mail them.